Volume of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases) is significantly reduced when it is liquefied by application of pressure. This feature makes transporting , storing and measuring easier. During usage, it is converted to gas with heat by reducing pressure ad used as gas state.

The definition and features of LPG:

LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gases) are provided from underground gas stores as natural and also from distillation of petroleum, propane and butane which are liquefied under pressure during fragmentation and mix of hydro carbons occured by these gas. Volume of liquefied LPG reduces, so transportation, storing and measurement is become easier. LPG stored in pressure containers became gas again when the applied pressure is cancelled during transferring to equipment and using as gas. LPG which is normaly odorless and tasteless, is flouvered with ethyl mercaptan to be easily noticed and served to consumers.

Using Areas:

There are three using area of LPG; Propane, Auto gas and Bulk LPG. Beacuse of feature of easy transporting and high heat values, LPG covers all requirements of many usage area from houses to industry. LPG has parallel features with propane and natural gas regarding amount of heat and energy occurred during burning. Besides, no maintenence need and advanced safety features is important and provides serious easiness to consumer. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases) occurs during decomposition of raw petroleum to benzine, disesl,etc or it is mix of prophan and buthan gases which is available naturally from some areas. Mixture of LPG which is heavier gas than air, is %30 prophane and %70 buthane in Turkey. LPG is using as energy, heating and lighting in industries and houses.

Driving ban that is applied on extreme air polluted days, isn't applied for LPG vechiles. Tax for LPG using is not available in Belgium. Besides LPG is cheaper than benzine, so interest to LPG increases. LPG lenghten period of oil change and provide more clean engine beacause of less carbon waste.

LPG that is refined from natural gas or raw petroleum, is served to consumers as liquid and gas in steal tanks or storages under pressure.

Content of gas is %70 buthan and %30 prophan.

LPG that is a clean and environmentalist fuel, doesn't create polluting gases like exost gas and carbon monoxide and ash.

LPG coming to burning room at the gas state, is more efficent because it doesn't release acid and carbon waste.

Refineries flavour this product with ethil mercaptan in case of probable leakage and seepage to be noticed.